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Kevin @ Calgary Trade Show, November 13, 2016, writes:
"Totally wasn't sure if this would work, but it did.  I've never orgasmed that hard, ever."


Jen @ Calgary Trade Show, November 12, 2016, writes:
"How did you come up with this product?  I've been contemplating surgery for years and then I found your product.  It's great.  I feel way more sensation during sex and orgasms are very intense now."


Tracy @ Calgary Trade Show, November 12, 2016, writes:
"Love it, love it, love it.  Everyone who's had kids needs a vejuVe.  It's a wow toy."


L&K @ Calgary Trade Show, November 12, 2016  writes:
"Just thought we'd let you know that we love our Vejuve.  We've actually thrown away most of our other toys because the Vejuve is the one we always reach for.  We tell the kids that the case is a dog toy - we don't even have a dog... hehe."


S&F, June 16, 2016, writes:
"My husband and I tried the Vejuve.  It was a really different experience for both my husband and I.  I've had two kids and things had changed. It's restored the feelings that I hadn't realized that I had lost, wow.  Thanks for making such a positive difference in our relationship."


Kimberly, May 7, 2016, writes:
"I've been with partners that are larger and now I am with a smaller partner. The vejuve allowed for a lot more stimulation which was really nice. I also tried it out alone and it really does give me a sense of fullness and I did have room to play."


Lorne, April 29, 2016, writes:
"It's pleasantly tighter and where it would sometimes take me over 20 minutes to achieve orgasm, I felt young again being able to control when I orgasm."


Mike, April 7, 2016, writes:
"As I have been getting older (late 40's now), I sometimes find it difficult to achieve orgasm through intercourse.  With a vejuVe in my partners vagina, I have no trouble reaching orgasm - which is great.  I also find that she enjoys intercourse with the vejuVe more and she's less inclined to reach for her vibrator for additional pleasure."