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My husband and I had kids… and things changed... who would have guessed that that would have happened? :)  We didn't know it at the time, but years later while chatting over coffee, we both agreed that intercourse felt different – not bad or anything, just… not as intense as it felt before having kids.  We searched for products to try and were quite shocked that there really are no mutually pleasurable products that restore the feeling of vaginal fullness during intercourse without,

  1. surgery,
  2. months and months of Kegel exercises, or
  3. potentially harmful vaginal tightening gels or creams. 

We saw an opportunity, we set upon a journey, and we developed a safe and simple product that inserts into the vagina and gently uncurls to stay in place during intercourse.

white-vejuVe-in-storage-case-with-lubricant    purple-vejuVe-in-storage-case-with-lubricant
Throughout the development process we came to realise that vaginas, just like penises, come in different sizes.  Also, natural aging and child bearing often affect the size of the vagina as well.  Keeping in mind that vaginal fullness during intercourse can intensify pleasure for both persons, the vejuVe® enhancer is the natural solution.  Essentially, the vejuVe enhancer makes intercourse feel more intense for both individuals by adding volume at the entrance of and within the vagina.  Watch the video to see how it work.

We put together a team of creative and passionate people and incorporated MAURLIN® Innovation.  After a number of years of development, we’re now elated to bring the vejuVe enhancer to market.  It’s patented in a variety of countries and is the world’s first vaginal insert that naturally enhances stimulation during intercourse - without vibration.
Our focus is on making safe products.  We manufacture the enhancer in our lab using material manufactured in the USA.  We've developed all of our own proprietary tooling and low energy consumption equipment to manufacture the vejuVe enhancer right here in Western Canada.  We love supporting our economy, our product is eco-friendly, and we’re committed to producing a quality product for you to enjoy.  Click here for answers to commonly asked questions about the vejuVe enhancer product.
The vejuVe enhancer is our latest intimacy product designed to bring couples closer together with a completely new experience.  Stay tuned, as we are developing more exciting products to enhance your sexual health.  Better yet, if you're keen on being notified with any new product releases or articles, feel free to drop us an email at and we'll add you to our newsletter & article blog emails.

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