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vejuVe Enhancer

The vejuVe Enhancer is like no other product on the market.  vejuVe is designed to push the penis against the clitoris and the G-Spot areas for more intense stimulation during intercourse.  It's made of an ultra soft certified body-safe silicone, is silky smooth, very comfortable, and enhances intercourse for both the female and the male. 



vejuVe has a unique shape that gently uncurls after it has been inserted into the vagina.  This uncurling helps to hold the vejuVe enhancer within the vagina and provides the wearer with a sense of fullness.  The elastic nature of the inside of the vagina accommodates the vejuVe enhancer.   vejuVe narrows at the entrance of the vagina allowing for penetration.



vejuVe is available in two different colors, a violet one or a white one.  Click on either image below to go to the product page. 


Instructions for the vejuVe enhancer are as follows: 



How to Enjoy and Care for your vejuVe Enhancer?

We recommend washing your vejuVe® Enhancer before and after each use. For comfort, you can place the vejuVe Enhancer in a cup of warm water to bring it up to body temperature. Simply lubricate the outside of the vagina with any water-based lubricant, then roll up and gently insert the vejuVe Enhancer. Place more lubricant at the entrance of the vagina and on anything that you now want to insert (a penis, a vibrator, a favourite toy). After use, wash the vejuVe Enhancer with hand soap, dry it, then place it back into the storage case. Although not required, you can powder it with corn starch baby powder, to restore the silky feel of the silicone.

Men and Women Come in Different Sizes

The vejuVe® Enhancer was developed to enhance the pleasure of intercourse for both the female and the male. Vaginas and penises come in different sizes and natural ageing can also affect size and shape as well. The vejuVe Enhancer helps to bring back those nice feelings of pleasure and friction to the penis, the clitoris and the G-Spot. It’s not about any one person being deficient in size or shape; it’s about making the whole experience of intercourse much more pleasant for both individuals.

vejuVe Enhancer Instructions

Prepared in English (Below), French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese & Japanese (Included with the product)

For comfort, we recommend warming up the vejuVe Enhancer to body temperature prior to use.  This can be done by placing the enhancer in a cup of warm water.  Lubricate the vagina, then curl the large end of the vejuVe Enhancer into a tube and gently insert the enhancer into the vagina.  The vejuVe Enhancer naturally and comfortably uncurls within the vagina to hold itself snugly in place.  Place a generous amount of additional lubricant at the vaginal entrance and on the penis prior to engaging in intercourse.

We recommend that the vejuVe Enhancer be washed before and after each use.  When the enhancer becomes slightly tacky, you can sprinkle some corn starch based baby powder on the surface to restore the soft and supple feel.  Many soft silicones are naturally slightly tacky and just a light dusting of corn starch baby powder will create a velvety smooth feel.  It's not required, it's just personal preference.

Your vejuVe Enhancer will arrive powdered and we include a sample size amount of corn starch baby powder and 15ml of water-based paraben-free lubricant for your convenience.  Use only water-based lubricants, coconut oil or olive oil with the enhancer and store the vejuVe Enhancer in the case provided.

Designed, developed and proudly made in Canada with US based certified raw materials.  US Pat. # 9,211,211.   Patented in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and China with additional international patents pending.