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Q:  Is the vejuVe Enhancer easy to insert

A:  Yes it is, but it does depend on the size of the vagina.  The vejuVe enhancer has been designed to roll up into the approximate diameter of the average penis girth (the average penis being approximately 1.5” in diameter).  Therefore, provided that an average sized penis comfortably inserts into your vagina – you’ll be good to go!

Q:  How much girth enhancement does the vejuVe Enhancer provide? 

A:  The vejuVe Enhancer will increase the girth of the average penis by 30%.  The added benefits with the vejuVe Enhancer is that it pushes the penis into the clitoris and the G-spot for more intense pleasure for the female while not taking away sensation on the penis, therefore, it's great for both of you.

Q:  How does the vejuVe Enhancer work?

A:  The inside of the vagina has more elastic skin than the entrance, therefore, the larger end of the vejuVe Enhancer gently expands within the vagina.  It's important to keep in mind that the vaginal entrance is primarily where the girth enhancement is felt.  Although, the enhancer takes up room in the vagina allowing the penis to press against the G-spot with more pressure for better stimulation.

Q:  Does the vejuVe Enhancer silicone smell?

A:  Absolutely not.  We use an ISO certified body-safe platinum silicone and because we’re all about health & wellness, we've chosen to purchase all of our silicone material from a United States based manufacturer where all of the materials are sourced in the United States.

Q:  Can my partner use a condom while we enjoy the vejuVe Enhancer? 

A:  Yes.  The vejuVe Enhancer has been tested with condoms and there have been no reported breakages.  With that said, we cannot guarantee that a condom will not break while being used with a vejuVe Enhancer, therefore, please use caution and check that the condom is still intact as often as necessary.  Guide to using condoms safely.

Q:  I'm considering vaginoplasty to tighten my vagina, what benefits does the vejuVe Enhancer have over surgery?

A:  Many many benefits.  Please read this informative article on how to tighten your vagina which highlights the pro's and con's of many vaginal tightening methods including the benefits of embracing the vejuVe Enhancer.

Q:  Will the vejuVe Enhancer stretch out my vagina?

A:  No.  The vagina naturally stretches to accommodate everything from fingers to babies and returns to it's natural size.  Keep in mind that vaginally delivering babies can permanently stretch the vagina due to the size of the baby.

Q:  I'm not feeling much sensation on my penis when I am having intercourse, will the vejuVe Enhancer help with this?

A:  Yes, very much so.  Here's a great article that covers sensation on the penis during intercourse and also covers delayed ejaculation.

Q:  How long will the vejuVe Enhancer last?

A:  The enhancer is made of a very high grade of silicone and is, therefore, strong and quite durable.  With regular use and proper care, the product should last more than 5 years without any issues.

Q:  I've had kids and don't feel much sensation during intercourse, will the vejuVe Enhancer restore sensation?

A:  Yes, that is exactly what it is designed to do.  Here's and article on sex after having kids that covers this well.

Q:  Can I use a silicone lubricant with the vejuVe Enhancer?

A:  No.  We recommend using a water-based or vegetable-based lubricant intended for sexual intercourse.  Therefore, you're welcome to use your favourite lubricant.

Q:  Can I use coconut oil or olive oil with the vejuVe Enhancer?

A:  You sure can!  We performed a 30 day immersion test with coconut oil & with olive oil and the silicone passed the testing with flying colors.

Q:  Can I use my silicone vibrator with the vejuVe Enhancer?

A:  Absolutely.  Feel free to use your favourite dildo or vibrator with the vejuVe Enhancer.

Q:  What type of soap should I use to clean the enhancer?

A:  We recommend using any mild hand soap.  Gently wash, dry and place the vejuVe® Enhancer back into the storage case.  Alternatively, any of the sex toy cleaning products that are safe for use with silicone toys will also work fine as well.

Q:  Can I use talcum powder on the vejuVe Enhancer instead of corn starch baby powder?

A:  No.  We recommend using corn starch based baby powder instead of talcum powder on the enhancer.  There have been concerns raised about placing talcum powder in or near the vagina.  Possible concerns with using talcum powder.

Q:  Can I warm up the vejuVe Enhancer in the microwave or oven?

A:  No, please don't microwave your vejuVe.  We recommend using a cup of warm water to warm up the enhancer to body temperature.  And please check that the enhancer is a comfortable temperature prior to inserting and enjoying the product.

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