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Why do customers love the vejuVe Enhancer?

"I've never felt so much stimulation from just intercourse, this vejuVe is amazing!"
The penis gets pushed into the clitoris
and the G-spot - significantly
enhancing pleasure
There's no barriers covering the penis - vejuVe
truly is a coupe's pleasure product



How does it work?

  • The vejuVe Enhancer is the only vaginal insert of it's kind.  vejuVe inserts into the vagina and gently uncurls to stay in place. 
  • The enhancer has a smooth curved shape to allow for penetration. 
  • When a penis strokes back and forth within the vagina, the penis is pushed up against the clitoris and G-spot significantly enhancing stimulation - like a Push-Up-Bra for the penis.
  • It's 100% silicone, comes with a discreet storage case, super easy to clean and has no moving parts to warranty or replace.

What's in it for Retailers / Distributors?

  1. Sales - A great new product for customers to try out and enjoy
  2. New Products - You'll be adding a new line to your store / catalog
  3. Free Advertising - We'll be adding your store / company to our website on a dedicated page - Where to Buy
  4. Versions - We're developing a smaller version of the vejuVe Enhancer and we'll be adding texture to future versions as well
  5. Pro-Packs - We're preparing Pro-packs that feature and sell the product really well
  6. Free Graphics - We have tons of graphics for your website

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